The lost wax casting is a process for manufacturing industrial parts in series, with high precision, by means of a mold which is made from a wax prototype.

This process consists of several stages very accurate:

  1. Injection of parts: the wax is injected into an aluminum mold. The amount and temperature of the wax injected must be very precise.
  2. Assembling lost wax trees: the lost wax process can produce parts in series, whereby a shaft is assembled with several molds on each one to increase production. The number of pieces per tree logically depends on the size of these.
  3. Layering of lost wax trees: The trees, once formed, receive several layers of Ludox and sand in different gram to create the mold that serve for metal casting.
  4. Removing the wax: Once the molds are ready and dried, are introduced into an autoclave to receive pressurized steam through a boiler. This allows removing the wax and leaving the exact hole for the production of precise parts.
  5. Pre-cast: Trees are introduced into a heat treating furnace at 1,000 ° C to enable it for the casting process
  6. Casting: The trees are at the same temperature as the cast metal and ready to receive it.
  7. Broken shell: At this stage we can break the ceramic shells and we have all our pieces together on the tree.

We cut the trees and finished the pieces and also perform the necessary quality analysis.